Ease and softness

Summer 2015 was a great millésime!!

So many wonderful moments: my group classes and private sessions every weekend since mid-June on the majestic Shelter island, a trip to the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho to teach, some long walks on the beach, a nature simple but magical at the same time…
I share with you these few pictures I took over the summer.

What I love the most about summer is that everyone seems to be more laid back, more at ease with their daily life. People are still working and myself included, but there is an ease, a fluidity that is so enjoyable.

Which makes me wonder if our environment is crucial for our personal development or is our mind stronger and can adapt whatever the circumstances?

From my experience and my studies of Yoga and meditation, the power of the mind is undeniable. Many people are able to overcome negative circumstances, even tragic situations thanks to their mind. Nevertheless, I come more and more to the conclusion that our physical and emotional environments are essential. They make a huge difference in our ability to blossom, to thrive.
I’m not talking about just feeling good but to be able to fulfill ourselves to the extend of our potential.
It seems obvious, you could reply!
But how many of us find ourselves in situations that don’t satisfy us totally? And because of our habits or fear of change we end up sticking to our immobility.

As Albert Einstein said: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

And how many of us are not even aware of this situation and live on autopilot?

Some soul searching, some introspective work will be necessary to become aware and acknowledge anything that needs to be addressed.
The philosophy of yoga is helping us shining the light on the barriers we have built, the layers we have accumulated in front of our eyes due for instance to our education, our past experiences…

According to the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali, this introspective work allows us to connect to our true nature, our true self: “Purusha” which is one of the keys to our happiness.
As Autumn approaches, before going back to a busy and intense rhythm, let us take a moment to ask ourselves the right questions. Let us turn inwardly and listen closely to the signs, the messages our body, mind and gut are sending to us. Let us make the appropriate choices to help us keep the summer ease and lightness but also to get a bit closer every day to our inner self.
And please, let us make sure that we don’t set the bar too high or that we don’t put so much pressure on ourselves that it’s preventing us from taking the first step.
It doesn’t have to be a radical life change, it could be renovating a room in our apartment, seeing our friends more, a healthier communication with the person we share our life with, starting an activity that will nourish our soul…
For me, it will start by not letting my schedule invade too much my social life.
May the transition to Fall be fluid and soft.