Private Sessions

celine_handYoga was traditionally taught one-on-one, in a highly individualized manner. Through personal attention, Céline is honoring this tradition by recognizing that a yoga practice is unique and different for each person. Private sessions will enable you to customize your experience according to your interests, experience level, and physical needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, learning the correct alignment for your body type and developing a deeper understanding of the breath and the postures are among the many benefits you will receive through private sessions. Specialized in back care and scoliosis, Céline can help you alleviate some tension you may experience. She also teaches prenatal yoga and has helped mothers to be, live their pregnancy with more ease.

Topics such as stress reduction, managing anxiety, and yoga philosophy may also be addressed in private sessions.

Private instruction that will fit your schedule may take place in the comfort of your own home, private office or in a yoga studio. Corporate sessions are also available to promote the well-being of your employees.

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Regular and Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

“Céline Antoine has an unusual personal radiance which she communicates to her students, and an exceptionally mindful, non-egoistic, and centered approach to teaching yoga. As a student who began to practice in middle-age, with a history of scoliosis, sciatica, and past injuries from skiing and running, I always feel completely safe and observed, yet challenged, in our sessions. Our relationship is a deeply felt, shared practice.”
– Judith Thurman

“Meeting Céline two years ago and practicing with her has changed my life– both physically and emotionally. I am stronger, more at peace and better able to deal with the ups and downs of life because of her teaching. She embodies the perfect mix of knowledge, attention to detail and “laidback-ness.” No other instructor I’ve had compares to her”.
– Melissa Polaner

“I have been practicing Yoga for over 10 years and Céline has now been my private Yoga instructor for two years. I have been practicing with many teachers in the US, Europe and India and I have to say that Céline is one the best instructor I have had. She is obviously technically very advanced and competent. But she is is more than that. Céline brings a lot of patience and intuition to the table. This allows for a very smooth, fluid and very pleasant session. She knows to encourage students at the right moment and also to correct postures with the right words and attitude”
– Nicolas Ronco

“Céline is an observant and patient teacher. I approached yoga with some trepidation, due to a previous injury, but Céline let me dictate the pace. Now I’m enjoying challenging my body using safe methods, with her guidance. Yoga has brought me serenity, better posture, alignment and strength. Céline is the highlight of my week. I am grateful to have her in my life.”
– Lief Anne Stiles

“Céline Antoine is a remarkable teacher. I have been taking private sessions with her for the past several years and I always feel that Céline is entirely focused on me when we work together. She is patient, calm and thoughtful about my yoga practice. When I first began working with Céline, I had lower back problems. She has successfully used Yoga to bring me relief and increased flexibility and strength. In short, Céline is a singular professional who I wholeheartedly recommend.”
– Linda Gelfond

Prenatal Yoga Sessions

“I began working with Céline at the beginning of my third trimester. I was new to yoga and needed someone to help me ease into it while being conscious of all the pain I was experiencing during my pregnancy. I was also very inflexible and needed a lot of help stretching. Céline customized each session to exactly what I needed and how I was feeling that day. When I needed more restorative yoga because I was exhausted, she led me through amazing relaxation poses. When I needed intense stretching, we focused on that during each pose. Along with providing exactly what I needed physically, Céline zeroed in on how I was doing emotionally and was able to bring peace and a sense of balance to my day each time we met. It was more than a pleasure working with Céline – she truly helped me get through a difficult third trimester by combining her vast knowledge of yoga with her genuine care and concern for my well being. I’m very grateful to her!”
– Jocelyn Verdi

“I have been fortunate to work with Céline for many years and can honestly say that her yoga instruction changed my life. After two years of strenuous bi-weekly yoga sessions together, I found myself faced with fertility challenges which necessitated an emotionally and physically demanding round of IVF. All exercise was suddenly forbidden by my doctors. Céline immediately adapted her instruction to my needs; she taught me how to meditate and do the gentlest of stretches. Our sessions were what kept me sane and grounded during a very challenging period. When I became pregnant, Céline nurtured me for nine months with loving and appropriately vigorous prenatal yoga instruction. Thanks to her I was prepared mentally and physically to give birth. There is no one else I would have trusted to train me during these times. I continued to work with Céline immediately following the birth of my child and look forward to our ever-evolving yoga practice each time we meet.

Céline is not only a remarkable instructor with a vast knowledge of the human body – she places careful emphasis on proper alignment and technique – but also an incredibly lovely, thoughtful and professional person. Céline is hands down the best yoga instructor one can ever hope to find.”
– C.M