Season and inspiration



Autumn has arrived and along with it, wind and colder temperatures. Even though I can only be moved by how romantic and incredibly beautiful the turning colors of the leaves is; it is, by far, not my favorite season.
From my experience and my knowledge in Ayurveda (Indian medicine), Autumn has the power to weaken my being both physically and emotionally: dry skin, cracked lips, fatigue, stress and anxiety more pronounced…
Along the years, I learnt to notice these symptoms and to protect myself. One of the many benefits of practicing Yoga regularly is to be able to listen to ourself better, to be aware of our body and its needs.
Here are a few very simple gestures I do every day to take care of myself, keep me grounded and help me live better this season of transition:

. wearing warm clothes especially around the waist and the neck.

. eating/drinking warm foods and drinks. Hydrating and warming up from the inside is important to boost our metabolism. For example, if you have cereals with milk for breakfast, heat it up. Since I heat up my almond milk, I don’t have a feeling of dryness in my throat anymore when I teach my first class in the morning.

. not drinking any caffeinated drinks; they increase stress and anxiety. Two years ago, I stopped drinking coffee and tea for they were dehydrating me too much.

. drinking plenty of water but never iced or cold, always room temperature.

. keeping my skin hydrated with organic creams.

. going to bed early and sleeping long hours.

. no screen time for about an hour after waking up.

. practicing a lot of standing poses which center and ground oneself. They address the first chakra where our roots are located.

Have an easeful and healthy Autumn. Take good care of yourselves!!!





I couldn’t agree more with that quote and the urgency seems even more immediate with every day passing by.
Sometimes, I’m scared by how we got our priorities totally wrong. How we value money over kindness and compassion, how we worship some reality TV stars over understanding and supporting our community, how we destroy Mother Earth for the sake of making more money, how the food and pharmaceutical industries decide what we should eat and then feed us medicine instead of promoting a healthy lifestyle where food and movement are the medicine, how people who work everyday with passion and loyalty can barely make a living when others make in one day their yearly income, how we kill for the sake of religion or owning a piece of territory…
What has happened to us?
I think the answer lies in education.
Learning awareness, compassion, kindness, meditation, movement, nutrition, gardening, caring for our family is as important if not more important than any other subject studied in school.
And eventhough a lot has to be changed, I have FAITH for I see these topics being a concern for more and more people. I see parents educating theses values in their children, I see more interest in eastern philosophies and a will to change coming from people. And this gives me hope in a better future, not one where success is based on how much you make but how harmoniously can you live with one another while respecting the Earth.
We need to understand that we are all in this together and even the smallest action can benefit the other; for we are without a doubt, on a larger scale, ONE.