LOVE, LOVE and even more LOVE


I have to be very honest, I had a hard time to gather my thoughts for this newsletter. As the world feels more divided than ever and people are suffering, how can I close my eyes to ignore this and pretend everything is okay? Once we know, we can’t say we were not aware. So I’m doing my best to do my part: staying informed by neutral media sources, signing petitions, giving money to organizations…

I am torn. One part of me is thinking I should be doing more and do more tangible actions. I’ve never been an activist but somehow this year I feel the urge to take actions because I know that shutting our eyes and ignoring what is happening aren’t the answers.
And another part of me knows that going, for instance, to Syria to help isn’t the answer either.
So to ease my inner conflict, I come back to what I know and what Yoga has taught me: that everything start with ourselves, that everything starts with a thought.
I always keep those powerful words in mind:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words
Watch your words, for they become actions
Watch your actions, for they become habits
Watch your habits, for they become character
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”

I’m not citing the author of that quote on purpose for it has been attributed to so many people, it’s hard to know who really said it. However, the essence of that quote is so profound and so essential to how we can change our world and make an impact.
That is why it is so important to pay attention to our thoughts, that is why mindfulness is essential and meditation a necessity. So we can finally understand that one’s suffering affects every one else. And so we can spread even more love, more unity and more understanding than ever. Because, anyway, love is always the answer. Always.

Words have a huge power and do matter. So I choose to pay attention to the way I express myself for words have energy, they create repercussions; everything does.

Do not worry, I won’t leave you on such a serious note before the Holidays.
In my classes lately, we’ve been adding a short meditation to reflect on what is going well in our life. It is interesting to observe that if one bad thing happens to us in our day and two or three good things also take place, we tend to put our focus only on the bad one. That is a bummer!
But we can change this by coming back to the present moment and reminding ourselves all the good things we have and how fortunate we are. Try it! It doesn’t have to be long. Just sit for a few minutes with eyes closed and contemplate all the beautiful things you have around you, all the people that love you and are there for you. It will brighten your day and will make you feel good.
This reminds me of that excellent video that was shared by a dear colleague. It’s worth the watch!!

I wish you the most wonderful Holiday Season!!!
Keep on spreading the love around you and take good care of one another.
Merry merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
With love,