ZOOM Schedule


8.30am-9.30am, Level 1


11am-12.10pm, Level 2
This class is taught in French


8.30am-9.30am, Level 1


11am-12pm, Level 1/2

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Description of Levels

Level 1 
This level is designed for beginners as well as for students who want a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of the Yoga poses. Correct alignment and breath will be learned in depth.

Level 1/2
This level is designed for beginners and intermediate students as variations are given to accommodate every one’s practice. We start to learn and break down poses such as deep backbends, inversions and arm balances.

Level 2 This level is for students who have a regular practice and are at ease with the basic poses. We practice regular inversions, deep backbend and arm balances at that level.