It’s been a little while since I wrote to you. I fell off my routine of sending my newsletter every trimester but we’ll all agree that this past year has been so unusal so you’ll excuse me.

Lately the feeling that keeps coming back to me during my meditations and in my life in general is softness.
Permission to soften, permission to find more ease, permission to be more gentle.
Finding more softening mentally but also physically.
I don’t have to tell you how intense the period we are collectively going through is on every level, you know it enough by now. So we all need a good pat on the shoulder and big fat warm hug from a loved one (of course, someone from your household or your pet or even a virtual hug can work!) to have made it so far.
I saw these words the other day, which are très à propos: “as of this very moment, you have made it through 100% of the hard things you thought you’d never survive. You are strong. You are resilient. You can do this.”
While I couldn’t agree more with this and I feel it’s an essential reminder so we don’t loose sight of how far we have come; the energy behind these words seems very intense to me. I think we can arrive at the same place while finding some softness at the same time.

Even beyond the unprecedented health crisis we currently have to deal with, I feel we are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves all the time: the pressure to succeed, the pressure to make money, to stay fit, to stay healthy, to raise our kids in the best way possible, even sometimes the pressure to have fun.
On one hand, this pandemic which slowed down everything helped us coming back to what is important, to what is essential and thus lessening the pressure (of course that is assuming that we have enough ressources to have a roof over our heads and food on the table). 

I love the clouds and the sky on this picture during one of my walks, they remind me to soften.

“Replace all your lists with things to do with lists of how you want to feel” Maryam Hasnaa

So I keep coming back to softening to counteract the intensity of this period and while it sounds easy to find, it can be challenging to change our mindset when we are used to always doing and putting a lot of pressure on ourselves.
But I think it’s what will help us feel more balanced and centered in our lifes.
Here are some tools I find helpful:
. my meditation
. moving my body
. coming back to my breath
. not judging myself so much
. and the biggest one: having faith, trusting. As soon as I trust life more, things fall into place more easily.

As always, thank you for reading.