I've been asked by the French magazine "Esprit Yoga" to write a blog on their website about my insights and experiences as a French yoga teacher living, teaching and practicing in New York City. The blog is called "Une Yogini à Manhattan". If you understand French, I hope you'll enjoy reading it here.

I'll write more posts in English in the near future but you can already read the one I wrote a few years back about the Sacro-illiac Joint.

With gratitude,

A feeling of gratitude

    A feeling of gratitude I’m back in New York after having spent 7 weeks in Strasbourg, France, to teach a Yogaworks 300-hour teacher training. It was a wonderful experience to be able to rediscover the French pace of life and ambiance after 15 years living in NYC. I wanted to share with you a list, […]

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        A year full of harmony and understanding I finally find the time to sit down and write my newsletter… The holiday season is always such a hectic period and the year started strong. I’ve never really liked this season of the year for as a kid, my brother and I would […]

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Season and inspiration

  SEASON Autumn has arrived and along with it, wind and colder temperatures. Even though I can only be moved by how romantic and incredibly beautiful the turning colors of the leaves is; it is, by far, not my favorite season. From my experience and my knowledge in Ayurveda (Indian medicine), Autumn has the power […]

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Yoga Teacher Training

I’m filled with joy and enthusiasm as I’m about to go to Strasbourg, France for the 4th year in a row to teach the second session of a Yogaworks teacher training. I’m excited to see my students who chose to follow the wonderful path of Yoga. I’m fully aware of the huge honor and the […]

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Food for thought: “the sacroiliac joint”

As a yoga practitioner, I’ve experienced some pain, discomfort in my sacroiliac (SI) joints at times. Having a scoliosis (uneven spine and pelvis), I’m at greater risk to feel some sensitivity around this joint. The SI joints have some mobility, a little give, but they are mainly joints of STABILITY. For those of you who don’t […]

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